Turin has a new Community Center run by the Waldensian Diaconia and Oxfam Italia

Rome (NEV), May 30, 2017 – The Waldensian Diaconia and Oxfam Italia presented the project “Turin Community Center”. As the organizers explained, “the organizations involved, sharing their knowledge and experience, will interact with the urban and institutional structures trying to respond to the ever-changing needs of an increasingly plural and varied society”. The two promoting agencies are part of a national network of information desks meant to be places of aggregation, orientation and counseling for Italians and foreigners, based on the principles of inclusion and social justice.

The opening of the Community Center was accompanied by the inauguration of the exhibition “Faces on the 4. No aesthetic no ethics”, by photographer Salvatore Svadas, who showed his pictures shot on the tram number 4, the historic line of Piedmonts’ capital, linking the suburbs to the center, but also the center to the outskirts. Thirty photos selected by the artist to represent the plurality of “faces, emotions, gestures of the heroes of everyday life”.