Waldensian and Methodist Synod/4. For religious freedom and against terrorism

Foto Pietro Romeo (Riforma.it) tratta da http://www.riforma.it/it/articolo/2017/08/25/alle-spalle-del-sinodo

Rome (NEV), September 6, 2017 – The Waldensian and Methodist Synod, convened in the closing session at Torre Pellice (Turin), approved an item on the agenda that condemned fundamentalist drifts and religious exploitation. The text expresses “concern and sorrow for the victims of islamist terrorism”, but at the same time refuses any form of “exploitation of Islamic religion”.

The Synod also renewed the mandate to the Waldensian Board and to the Permanent Committee of the Methodist Churches’ Work Organization in Italy (OPCEMI), to continue working for the approval of a law on religious freedom, a fundamental right of the person, as foreseen by the Italian Constitution. This right is often ignored also in regional laws. The Synod invites the Waldensian Board and OPCEMI to ask, to the competent bodies, for the institution of a National day for the freedom of conscience, religion and thought on the 17 of February (the day in which Waldensian recall the grant of civil rights).