Confronti on air

The historical magazine will edit a program on Radio Beckwith Evangelica

Foto di Will Francis -Unsplash

Rome (NEV), September 28, 2018 – On Saturday September 29 at 4.30 pm. on the frequencies of Radio Beckwith Evangelica (RBE), and in streaming on internet, will start the series of radio episodes “Confronti Radio. Religions, politics, society”. The program will deal with the issues dear to the Confronti magazine and study center, starting from topical subjects and with in depth analysis.

“This project, created in collaboration with RBE, is for us a great opportunity for communication” – said Claudio Paravati, Confronti’s director –. “We are pleased to be able to reach the public through this new tool, which will allow us, together with the RBE editorial staff, to continue informing over the issues we consider urgent”.

Last year the collaboration between Confronti and RBE  produced the radio series “The third drum. Another rhythm for Confronti”, whose episodes are available to the listener at the link:

“This new project will have a weekly basis – added Matteo Scali, RBE director -, thus allowing a greater continuity of contents and editorial proposals. We are glad of this new adventure for our Radio, and we hope it will also be appreciated by our listeners”.
The episodes will be broadcast every Saturday at 4.30 pm, and will be repeated on Sunday at 9.30 am, starting from Saturday, September 29.