Milan. Zero intolerance. The Protestants’ silent demonstration

Rome (NEV), October 8, 2018 – A silent demonstration to reinforce the values ​​of a different Europe, to stimulate reception, peace and solidarity. “The challenge of keeping silent NOT to be silent, to be silent to shout our NO to the identification of immigration with a question of State security”. With these words, the Protestant churches of Milan participated in the demonstration on Sunday, September 30th, called by the associations of Aned, Anpi and Sentinelli.
The Protestant churches joined the organizers’ appeal, “This is not the moment of intolerance. This is not the time of the walls, but of the bridges”, and they have marched together with the representatives of the many organizations that took part in the protest.
The demonstration on Sunday was called to respond to the climate of violence and intolerance, which unfortunately in recent months is also investing our country. In this regard baptist pastor Cristina Arcidiacono, recalled the serious episode of violence that hit the School of popular culture, an after-school for girls and boys in the neighborhood , managed by Mrs. Carmen and other volunteers, supported by the local Baptist Protestant church. “We support the humanitarian corridors for asylum seekers so that they can arrive safely in Europe”; “I was a foreigner and you welcomed me (Matthew 25:35)”. “We believe in the necessity of migrants integration, which promotes intercultural exchange according to the principles of the Constitution”: these are some of the messages written on the banners exposed during the event, inspired by the Welcome Manifesto promoted by the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI).