Waldensian and Methodist 8 per thousand. More than a thousand projects in Italy and abroad

The projects approved by the Synod and financed thanks to the choices expressed by taxpayers have been made known on the website www.ottopermillevaldese.org. 32 million Euros redistributed for social, health, educational, productive and agricultural activities

Rome (NEV), September 14, 2018 – The projects financed for 2018 by the Union of the Methodist and Waldensian churches through the 8 per thousand funds, are 1,127. 32 million Euros divided in 454 projects abroad and 673 projects in Italy.
Susanna Pietra, in charge of the Eight per thousand Office of the Methodist and Waldensian churches, explained: “Every year we try to guarantee funding for all the areas that are fundamental to us, even if in certain historical periods there may be different needs. There are many areas of intervention, from social and health assistance to the elderly people, to children, to women victims of trafficking or violence, to environmental sustainability, human rights, agricultural development and productive activities, up to the support for cultural, educational and training activities. There are 19 Italian regions involved, with 37 projects of national importance and 636 of local development for a total of about 18 million Euros. As for the foreign countries, 224 projects concern Africa, 72 Central and South America, 80 Asia, 73 Europe and 5 intercontinental projects for a total amount of about 12 million Euros.
The projects are carried out by hundreds of associations of different cultural and religious orientation. Not one Euro is used for purposes of worship, building or maintenance of churches structures or payment of the pastors salaries. The resources that the Waldensian Board assigns annually to the management of the projects and to the communication campaign do not reach the 5% of the sums received.
Shortly the 8 per thousand Office will communicate the deadline for the presentation of new projects, which this year presents a novelty: the introduction of a platform that will allow the IT management of the entire project life cycle. It will therefore no longer be necessary to present projects in paper form.

Download here the list of:
projects approved in 2018 – Italy
projects approved in 2018 – abroad