Charter of Rome. New guidelines for an ethical journalism

Immagine della copertina del rapporto Carta di Roma 2017

Rome (NEV), October 12, 2018 – The new Guidelines for the application of the Charter of Rome were presented last October 2. The Charter of Rome Association, established in 2011, celebrates this year the 10th anniversary of the Charter first draft. Among the Association founders also the Federation of protestant churches in Italy (FCEI).
The document with the new guidelines is structured in chapters that follow the four cornerstones of the Charter: terminology, protection of identity, correctness and completeness of information, sources.

“It is necessary and urgent to bring back key words such as ‘respect’, ‘truth’ and ‘justice’ to stem the spreading of intolerance that feeds on false news and in turn on hate, in a perverse and devastating circle”, reads the introduction of the document, which continues: “We, members of the Charter of Rome Association, have thought of a small exercise to start thinking about the use of words: let’s try to replace ‘clandestine’ with ‘person’ and see the effect it makes”.

In the publication, available online, there is also a glossary, integrated with a section that illustrates the search and rescue operations at sea (SAR) and defines in a clear and concise way concepts such as: SAR areas, safe place, contiguous areas, international and territorial waters. The glossary also describes missions and systems operating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Other innovations and recommendations are included about the knowledge, understanding and protection of the image and the identity of Roma and Sinti; on the treatment of health alarmism against immigrants and refugees; on racism “between reality and representations” and on the hate speech.
Paola Barretta, Piera Francesca Mastantuono and Sabika Shah Povia edit the Guidelines for the application of the Rome Charter 2018. The work takes up previous elaborations and involves specialized associations – among which the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Association for Immigration Law Studies (ASGI), the Association 21 July and, for the section on religious pluralism, the FCEI itself.

Charter of Rome was created to implement the ethical protocol for correct information on immigration issues, signed by the National Council of the Journalists Association and the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI).