Deborah D’Auria received a mention by Amnesty International-Italia

The evangelical Baptist teacher received a plaque for the ability to transmit to young people the passion for the defence of human rights

Rome (NEV /, December 14, 2018 – The Amnesty International group of the “Litorale Romano”, which covers the whole area south of Rome, including the difficult suburbs of Ostia and Pomezia, on occasion of the celebrations for the 70th years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, awarded a plaque to Deborah D’Auria, a teacher of letters at the school ‘Orazio’ of Pomezia and a Baptist evangelical believer. The motivation was “her commitment and ability to convey to young people the passion for the defence of human rights”.

“Peace and human rights are taught and learned – declared Deborah D’Auria – and for this reason the school has a special responsibility. School is a great laboratory of relationships, a great training for life; one of the few public places that functions as a community. In order to educate to peace and rights, the school itself must try to be a community of peace and rights, a place where we grow up and train ourselves to live in peace, and where we study and experience the defence and affirmation of rights, ours and those of others. We teachers, together with families and institutions, are called to recognize, assume and implement our educational responsibilities”.