Grosseto. Vandalism against the Baptist Church

Destroyed the Christmas tree homemade by church members to witness their commitment

Rome (NEV), January 18, 2019 – The members of the Evangelical Baptist Church in Via Piave, Grosseto (Tuscany), on January 9th morning, found an unpleasant surprise. The Christmas tree placed on the church square was found with almost all the red paper balls torn and thrown to the ground, while the structure, made of reeds and ropes, was visibly jerked.

“An act of vandalism and intolerance that cannot fail to make us think of the spirit of the times we are experiencing and of the physical and verbal violence against those who express dissent towards the hate and bullying talks that permeate our everyday life. It was in fact an unusual Christmas tree decorated with writings and ornament which listed, in alphabetical order, all the values (love, sharing, hope, commitment, etc) the Baptist community of Grosseto wanted to recall while celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus”, explained Claudia Angeletti, of the Grosseto church council.