Florence. Religions on the way together

An interreligious walk to facilitate dialogue and encounter

Rome (NEV), February 9, 2019 – On Sunday  February 3,  took place an Interreligious walk promoted by the city of Florence and the different religious and spiritual communities present in the area. The initiative was part of the World Week for Religious Harmony, organized by the United Nations.

The itinerary started from San Miniato and continued through the symbolic places of the different to distinguish the host community from the one that animated the single stops of the journey: so in San Miniato the testimony was given by the Young Muslims; the Buddhists spoke at the Luther gardens; the representatives of the Waldensian Church were at Ponte alle Grazie; Jews were at the church of Santa Croce; at the synagogue the testimony was entrusted to the Hindus; in Piazza dei Ciompi to the American Natives; at the Badia Fiorentina were present the Association of the Holy Spirit for the Unification of World Christianity and Christian Science; finally in Piazza Signoria there was the Catholic Church.

To the organization of the event actively contributed 22 religious confessions and spiritual traditions present in the metropolitan area of ​​Florence: Bahá’i – Baptists – Catholic Action – Community of Sant’Egidio – Christian Science – Lutheran Evangelical Church – Franciscan Youth – Focolare Movement – Hare Krishna – Community of Interfaith Meditation – Jewish Community – Mormons – Group of Americans Native and Indigenous People of the Earth – Satsang Amma – Seventh Day Adventists – Soka Gakkai Buddhism – Tibetan Buddhism – The Association of the Holy Spirit for the Unification of World Christianity – A Temple for Peace – Waldensian Church – Young Muslims – Zen Buddhism.