Rome. The Municipality approves the motion against the arms in Yemen

The motion presented by a group of associations, among which the Globalization and Environment Commission (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy, asks the roman Municipality to declare the absolute opposition to the production of arms and war material destined to Countries in conflict

Foto di CMDR Shane - Unsplash

Rome (NEV), February 16, 2019 – “It is a news we have been waiting for weeks and which we accept with great satisfaction. This legitimate campaign sees us deeply involved and we are happy that the City of Rome joined the group of other municipalities that have made their own the motion “Stop bombs for the Yemen war”. These were the words of Maria Elena Lacquaniti of the Globalization and Environment Commission (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), when she learned of the unanimous approval.

The motion arrived in Campidoglio for the discussion, on February 5 and was presented last January 28 in the Sala del Carroccio by a group of associations*, among which the GLAM.

With the approval of this proposal, the Mayor and the Council of Rome commit themselves to “declare the absolute opposition to the production, in Italy, of arms and war material destined to countries in  conflict; to promote actions and projects aiming to the realization of concrete and effective disarmament and peace policies; to establish the City of Rome as a place for building international relations of peace and solidarity; to promote, together with the other municipalities converging on these intentions, the associations and the committees of concerned citizens, every action so that the Government and the Italian Parliament implement the constitutional principles and the resolutions of the European Parliament, blocking the export of arms and related articles, produced in Italy, destined to Saudi Arabia and to all the countries involved in the armed conflict in Yemen; to solicit the implementation of the Law 185/90, with reference also to the specific provisions and obligations regarding the conversion of arms factories, and of the International Arms Trade Treaty; to ask the national and regional government to adopt, with the allocation of effective resources, efficient measures of economic and industrial policy to free our Country from any unreasonable conflict between the dignity of work and the right to life for everyone”.

On March 1st next, from 10 am to 7 pm, at the Parliamentary Assembly Hall in Rome, GLAM is organizing the conference “Production and trade in armaments: our responsibilities”.

* Movement of the Focolari Italia, Un Ponte per …, Arci, Libera (Association against the mafias), Gruppo Abele, Fondazione Finanza Etica, Institute for international research ‘Archivio Disarmo’, Rome Nonviolent Movement, Peace Network, Pax Christi, Globalization and Environment Commission (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestan Churches in Italy (FCEI), Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, Cipax – Interconfessional Center for Peace