World Day of Prayer 2019

On March 1st, the usual ecumenical prayer event organized by women was celebrated all over the world, with the title "Come, everything is ready". This year the materials and themes came from Slovenia

Dettaglio dell'opera di Rezka Arnuš

Rome (NEV), March 8,  2019 – Worship and prayer meetings were held in over 170 countries in the world on the occasion of the World Day of Prayer 2019, a consolidated ecumenical initiative organized by women and addressed to all church communities. The material this year was prepared by Christian women from Slovenia.
Official Date of the Day was Friday 1st of March, but events and meetings were also held before and after that date. In Italy, the Day was organized by the ecumenical committee chaired by Marialuisa Cameriero, from the Methodist Church of Trieste, who declared to the NEV agency that over 40 women’s groups adhered to the celebration. The materials for the preparation included a booklet with the liturgy, the Bible study, the Sunday school program, a power point presentation and the geo-historical cards of Slovenia – as Cameriero explained. The theme of the World Day of Prayer 2019, entitled “Come, everything is ready”, was the parable of the great banquet from the Gospel of Luke 14: 15-24.
The collections received on the occasion will finance projects in Slovenia aimed at women. In particular, the proceeds from the collections of the Italian Day will be donated to the project of the Slovenian NGO “Centre for the fight against trafficking in human beings”.
“Women victims of traffickers – Marialuisa Cameriero still illustrated – will be included in a psycho-social, health and vocational training path. The NGO also works to get them a long-term residence permit”.