March, not only women

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Rome (NEV), March 16, 2019 – Not only women, but theologians, activists, lawyers and witnesses of a world that takes the floor 365 days a year for a more just society for everyone, also for men. Below, some significant events of the month in which the International Women’s Day is celebrated, while a full application of the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination (CEDAW) of women is still waited for .


10-11-17 March 2019

Protestantism. Women under attack

The new episode of Protestantism, Sunday morning March 10th at 8.15am and on Monday night March 11th at about 01.30am and Sunday night March 17th at about 1.10am always on National TV Channel, RaiDue. Women are the pillar of the family. On the one hand we want to defend the family as a fundamental structure of society, on the other we try to push back rights won by women in decades of struggle. What is happening in our country? Barbara Felici, lawyer of Differenza donna, and Paola Schellenbaum of the commission “families, marriage, couples, parenting” of the Waldensian Board talked about it. To review the episode visit the VIDEO site
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Bologna, 14 March, 2019
Interreligious observatory on violence against women
Thursday, March 14 in Bologna, the first interreligious observatory on violence against women was officially established. 22 women of different religious traditions (Protestant – Lutheran, Methodist, Waldensian, Baptist, Adventist, Pentecostal -, Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist) signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

Rome, 22-24 March 2019
Women’s bodies from a place of patriarchal domination to a place of embodied spirituality

Organized by women’s groups of Christian grass-roots communities, in collaboration with the associations Donne in Cerchio, Donne in ricerca of Padua, Ravenna, Verona, Identity and difference, Il Graal Italia, Interreligious observatory on violence against women, will organize  in Rome from 22 to 24 March the meeting “Our women’s bodies from a place of patriarchal domination to a place of embodied spirituality”.
Witnesses of women working to combat violence against women, from private to civil and religious institutions, against the violence of prostitution, to allow the application of the law 194 (the 1978 law on motherhood protection and pregnancy termination). The theologian Elizabeth Green will contribute with a report entitled “The wisdom of bodies, the body of Wisdom”.

Rome, 29-31 March 2019

As in heaven so on earth
XII National Congress of the Federation of Evangelical Women in Italy (FDEI), with the title “As in heaven so on earth” (Mt 6.10). Evangelical women in a society in search of orientation and hope. Delegates from all over Italy and from different Protestant denominations will meet to discuss justice and rights in society.