A Community Center opens in Bologna

It is the seventh city in Italy in which an orientation and support center opens thanks to the collaboration between Oxfam Italia Intercultura and Diaconia Valdese

Rome (NEV), 20 March 2019 – After Milan, Turin, Florence, Arezzo, Catania and Naples, the CSD Community Center – Diaconia Valdese -, was inaugurated on March 21st, with the support of the Methodist Church of Bologna and Modena and of its Italian School “By Piedi – Marina Gherardi”. Also the Municipality of Bologna, through the Institution for social and community inclusion “Achille Ardigò and don Paolo Serra Zanetti”, is part of the project.
The Community Center network was born with the idea of ​​supporting, guiding and detecting needs, promoting support and empowerment actions for vulnerable sections of the population, thanks to the collaboration between Oxfam Italia Intercultura and Diaconia Valdese, which have been actively working for years, on the theme of integration of vulnerable people.
“The goal of a Community center is not only to provide guidance and advice to migrant communities but to act as a place of aggregation and a reference point for a growing national network”,  Massimo Gnone (CSD) recently explained to the NEV Agency, on occasion of the opening of the Catania Community Center.
The Community Center will offer guidance and accompaniment services to administrative practices (residence permits, citizenship applications, changes of residence), support in the choice of educational and school paths, orientation to local services (Revenue Agency, social and health services, etc.), work orientation, linguistic-cultural mediation, all in synergy with institutions, organizations and groups already operating in the area, and in a completely free form for users.