Tax allocation (Eight per thousand) of Waldensian and Methodist Churches. “With the others”

The campaign in favor of the Waldensian and Methodist churches set off. Bernardini: "The positive message of an open and welcoming Italy"

Rome (NEV), May 4, 2019 – “Faced with the emergence of fears and prejudices, with this campaign we wanted to send a message of trust and hope”, said the moderator of the Waldensian board, pastor Eugenio Bernardini. – We did it by telling about an open and supportive Italy, which knows how to help others with joy and without prejudice. The red thread of this story is the face of a girl who meets the volunteers and the operators of different associations, which have become our real “partners”. In this sense our ‘Eight per thousand’ is designed and built ‘with others’, with hundreds of associations that become partners of a commitment aimed exclusively at the social sphere, which ranges from Italy to the global South”.
The spot shows a girl on a bicycle going around in Milan greeting the volunteers of an association that treats foreigners on the street, others who offer breakfast to the homeless and meet the guests of a center for incurable patients; boys who play basketball in an open space reserved for teenagers and paraplegic patients who defend their mobility.

These are the images of the campaign in favor of the Waldensian Board (Union of Methodist and Waldensian churches) which starts these days, both in the form of posters and boxed advertisement in the main newspapers, and radio and television commercials. The claim – in the commercials with the voice of the known actress Lella Costa – states “An Eight per thousand with the others, which helps those in need without prejudice, without asking for a passport, whether they pray and how they pray, who are the people they love”.
The Waldensian Church (Union of Waldensian and Methodist churches) has always used its tax allocation exclusively for social, welfare and cultural projects in Italy and abroad.
“The Waldensians and the Methodists with their own contributions and by the donations of supporters who believe in this purpose pay the expenses related to the life of the church – stresses Bernardini –. The public funds of the tax allocation, on the other hand, are managed for the public good, in complete transparency and with the possibility to track on our website all the financing for the various projects. To give strength to the projects – the moderator concludes – we contain the necessary advertising expenses, allocating to the promotional campaign no more than the 5% of the funds received in the last year”.