Lutheran 8 x thousand. “Turning the words of the Bible into concrete actions”

Rome (NEV) May 25, 2019 – “8 x thousand. A signature that helps us to transform the words of the Bible into concrete actions”. This is the slogan chosen by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (CELI) to ask taxpayers to allocate their 8 per thousand to Lutherans.
“We ask only a simple signature, the signature that allocates the 8 x thousand of your income tax to a church or community of faith. We, the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Italy, thanks to this signature, can do great things – reads the leaflet of the Lutheran Church -. The 8 x thousand funds are needed to carry out the many social and diaconal projects, especially at the local level in our communities”.
Thanks to the funds raised each year, the Lutheran Church carries out several initiatives throughout the Italian territory: anti-bullying projects in schools, reception of migrants with assistance in the asylum requests and in their integration path, English lessons and games for the children of Norcia, gynecological medical assistance for migrant women, accompaniment during pregnancy for Roma women, mobile medical service for displaced people of the Genoa bridge, provision of equipped beds for people who are cared for at home, scholarships for theological students.
Among the projects entirely supported thanks to the 8 x thousand there is that of the so called ‘Dublinati’, which CELI performs with the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy (FCEI). A collaboration that makes possible to offer assistance to migrants sent back to Italy in accordance with the Dublin Regulation and waiting to be eventually welcomed back into the national reception system for asylum seekers and refugees (SPRAR). This is one of the least protected and assisted categories at the moment in Europe. The project includes  reception, board and lodging, legal support.