The 8xthousand to the Adventist Church. A signature against all forms of dependency

The 8xthousand campaign of the Italian Union of the 7th Day Adventist Christian Church

Rome (NEV), 23 May 2019 – “The 8xthousand to the Italian Union of the 7th Day Adventist Christian Church (UICCA): a signature that supports projects against all forms of dependency”. These are the words chosen by the Adventist Church in Italy to ask taxpayers to sign for the 8xthousand of the revenue tax to their church.

Thanks to the 8xthousand funds, the Adventist Church annually realizes several projects on the national territory and at international level, helping to finance humanitarian and welfare initiatives. Many are the social interventions in favor of the poor, the marginalized, the victims of addictions, as stated on the site . Furthermore Adventists promote the culture of health, support scientific research, organize awareness-raising campaigns for healthy eating and for the prevention of diseases and addictions.
100% projects, 0% cult expenses. “We use the 8xthousand funds only for social and welfare projects, projects carried out in Italy and abroad, and not for religious purposes or worship activities”, reads the site of the Adventist Church.”.
“We operate by financing projects that are assessed very carefully and documented in the Social Report, which has been regularly published for five years. In particular, with the project #iogiocodavvero, our efforts focused on combating gambling addiction, particularly involving amateur sport clubs”, said Giuseppe Cupertino, director of the Adventist Social Work Department.