The Betania Hospital awarded with the 2019 Prize for Good Health Practice

The recognition for the commitment to solidarity in favor of the most fragile social classes

Rome (NEV), May 24,  2019 – The Betania Evangelical Hospital of Naples has received the “2019 Prize for Good health Practice” for its commitment to solidarity in favor of the most fragile social classes.
“Today one of the great emergencies of our country is the increase in poverty. On our territory, as in Italy, with the increase in poverty, the percentage of people who give up taking care of themselves is also increasing, expanding the already significant number of those who are on the margins of society for cultural, religious and ethnical reasons”, said the president of the Evangelical Foundation Betania, Cordelia Vitiello. “This Award, assigned to me personally, to the Hospital and to Ernesto Claar, one of our medical doctors, drives us to continue on the path we have taken”.
Claar received the award along with Ferdinando del Vecchio, director of  the Department to combat drug addiction of Ponticelli, “for his commitment, in the field of hepatology, in favor of the most fragile social classes, in the prevention and fight against eradication of hepatitis C, and in particular, for the work with active drug addicts in whom the prevalence of infection is higher, the possibility of stronger infection and access to treatment more difficult”, the release reads.

The Betania Evangelical Hospital has been at the forefront in assisting the most needy ones for over 50 years, following the will of its founder, the Methodist physician Teofilo Santi. Every year it offers assistance to over 5,000 marginalized people through Solidarity Nursing Clinics. Among its projects and partnerships we recall: “Take care of her”, “Pink Roses”, “Pink Balls”, “Fighting Chicks” and the “Safety Camper”. With these projects the hospital is present in the suburbs of the metropolitan area. Finally, for the past three years, the Hospital has been a partner in the “Medical Hope” and “Humanitarian Corridors” projects of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI).