Eco-communities. The second diploma of the Centocelle Baptist Church

Francesca Evangelisti of GLAM gave the diploma to Pastor Herbert Anders

Rome (NEV), June 15, 2019 – On Sunday June 2, the second eco-community diploma was bestowed to the Baptist Church of Centocelle (Rome), by the Globalization and Environment Commission (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI).
At the beginning of the morning, the Adventist Francesca Evangelisti, member of the GLAM, met Pastor Herbert Anders and Mrs. Maria Teresa, representing the community of Centocelle, and together they verified the necessary requirements to obtain the second diploma of eco-community.
During the Sunday service, with the church full of believers, Francesca Evangelisti held the sermon commenting on the verses of Genesis 1:27-28 and their interpretation: are we sure to correctly understand the meaning of having been created in the image and likeness of God? Does dominating the rest of Creation mean exploiting it without mercy as we do today? To stop and reflect on these issues and consequently change our approach to Creation, trying to reflect the image of God as much as possible, are just some of the aspects addressed in the sermon and on which the GLAM commission works.
The morning ended with the delivery of the diploma of “Community in advanced path” to the Baptist church of Centocelle. Congratulations and full speed ahead for the achievement of the last diploma!
Becoming an eco-community means joining a European evangelical network of communities that choose to commit to respecting and safeguarding of the environment: a list of 40 points to be applied in the practical life of the church and three diplomas to be achieved.
More information on the activities of the GLAM commission and on how to participate in the eco-community project can be found visiting: