Ventimiglia. The Waldensian Diaconate opens a desk for social and legal issues

Rome (NEV), June 22, 2019 – “The presence of the Waldensian Diaconate on the border area between France and Italy is being reinforced, with a service aimed at foreigners in situations of difficulty and marginalization” – reads the press release delivered to present the new desk of the Diaconate inclusion services at Ventimiglia, opened on June 10 at the headquarters of Caritas Intemelia.

The Diaconate Synodal Commission (CSD) announces that “the decrease in landings and the effects of the Security decree were the phenomena that most contributed to changing the profile of foreigners in the Ventimiglia area”. It was possible to observe “a net drop in the presence of migrants in transit against a significant increase of those who, having a residence permit for asylum request or for humanitarian reasons, had to leave – in the absence of working or lodging opportunities – the Italian reception areas becoming ‘homeless’ – continues the statement -. The services offered by the new desk concern orientation, accompaniment, information to foreigners and advice to local authorities on the immigration issue”.
In particular, work guidance services are available, with the drafting of the curriculum vitae, the search for job offers and the sending of the candidacies through a balance sheet of competences and contacts with the employment center; the aid in the renewal of the residence permit; the preparation and sending of the citizenship application; the legal advice service, with the presence of a lawyer once a week; orientation and support to local services; cultural mediation.
The initiative is part of the Open Europe project, operating in Ventimiglia and Sicily. Born in 2016 for the protection of the rights of migrant people, including access to basic services and the contrast to the negative narrative prevalent on migrants, the project initially saw the collaboration of Oxfam Italia. The counter, located in Via San Secondo 20, is open to the public on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30 to 11.30.