Telephone helpline. A project by the Italian Lutheran Church in Somma Vesuviana

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy made available € 125,000 for technical equipment plus the hiring of three operators to guarantee coverage of the 24 hours service for 365 days a year

Rome (NEV), July 13, 2019 – A memorandum of understanding about the payment of  € 125,000.=  from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (CELI) for a one-year social project, was signed at the end of June, between CELI and the municipality of Somma Vesuviana (Naples). This sum will cover the costs for equipments – € 29,000 – and for the staff – € 96,000 – to guarantee remote assistance and remote control service for 50 elderly and /or disabled people living alone. The legal representative of CELI, Cordelia Vitiello and the mayor of the municipality, Salvatore Di Sarno, were present for the signature of the agreement. “It is certainly an innovative and at the same time very ambitious project – said Cordelia Vitiello, legal representative of CELI -. We are very happy of this collaboration with local institutions and to have found a way to continue our long-standing commitment in this area “.

The tele-assistance project is only one of the four foreseen in the same geographical area. After the transfer in 2018 of the management of the Jesus of Nazareth school in Torre del Greco, supported for decades, CELI decided to assign the released funds in the Vesuvian belt. Two projects have already started, a weeklong summer camp for 50 children and a healthy and ecological breakfast for those enrolled in kindergartens of the Ercolano area. CELI is present in this area with two communities, one in Naples, founded in 1826, and one in Torre Annunziata, which also includes Torre del Greco and Santa Maria La Bruna, founded in 1952.