Additional 70 millions for the Universal Civil Service. “Good news” Comba commented

The Council of Ministers approved a bill (Ddl), proposed by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, for an increase in the national fund available for volunteers. The comment of the president of the Waldensian Diaconate, Giovanni Comba

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Rome (NEV), August 9,  2019 – On  July 31, the Council of Ministers approved a bill (Ddl), proposed by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, for an increase in the funds available for volunteers. The total budget will thus reach  Euro 300 million, allowing projects for 50,000 young people in 2019.
“With the approval of the financing of the Universal Civil Service (SCU) projects can be start again. This is good news – declared the president of the Waldensian Diaconate (Synodal Commission for Diaconate – CSD), Giovanni Comba -, although this financing mechanism ‘in progress’ does not allow a minimum of planning: for the institutions, but above all for the young people involved, who do not know if there will be space for them and when they will possibly carry out the service. As a Waldensian Deaconry we have presented dozens of projects and we are waiting to know, also in the light of the approved funding, how many will actually be available. We remain strongly convinced of the value of the civil service, for its formative dimension, for the intergenerational exchange activated, for the investment on young people “.
“We will continue in our action, also within the National Coordination of Civil Service Organizations (CNESC) – concludes Comba -, for an enlargement and a consolidation of this instrument of participation”.

The increase in funds has been decided “…in order to guarantee State support and to ensure continuity”, reads the statement of Palazzo Chigi. In September the first call for bids will be released for 40,000 young people; with the confirmation of the Parliament provision, another 13 thousand volunteers will be able to accede to the projects, presented by the accredited bodies in the National Rolls, which are on the rise.
The Universal Civil Service is an activity open to boys and girls aged between 18 and 28 who voluntarily decide to dedicate 8 or 12 months to projects in Italy or abroad, against a flat-rate fee of about Euro 400 per month, in some cases including food and board. The project sees the synergy of public and private institutions and bodies registered in the National Rolls. It is inspired by the values ​​of unarmed and nonviolent defense, education, peace among peoples, the promotion of the founding values ​​of the Italian Republic, “with concrete actions for communities and territory”, as stated in the institutional page. A unique and important experience for personal and professional training and growth, which allows young people to get involved in various sectors such as assistance, environmental protection, artistic heritage, cultural promotion, civil protection, social agriculture.