Christian-Islamic dialogue: “There is no future without brotherhood and solidarity”

On October 27th,  the XVIII Ecumenical Day of Christian-Islamic Dialogue was celebrated. An initiative that sees Christians and Muslims in different cities of Italy reflecting together on current issues and dialogue

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Rome (NEV), November 2, 2019 – “There is no future without brotherhood and solidarity”, this is the title of the XVIII Ecumenical Day of Christian-Islamic dialogue,  elaborated throughout Italy on 27 October. Several Protestant churches also joined the celebration.

The initiative started from the idea of ​​a group of intellectuals, religious representatives and university professors in 2001, the day after the tragedy of the Twin Towers. Every year an appeal for dialogue with Islam is launched with the aim of a pluralistic and welcoming society able to respect human rights and the democratic and shared values ​​of peace, justice and civil living together.
“Humanity seems to be screwed up in an endless war spiral. The appeals for peace and human brotherhood that have come from important international religious forums and single spiritual leaders of the main world religions are set aside and despised “, reads this year appeal, which is inspired by the Gospel and the Koran.
The petitioners denounce the criminalization of solidarity, the war against refugees and the more and more violent and aggressive racism: “Our Italian Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are increasingly being trampled by the exigencies of propaganda and consensus in an atmosphere of a never-ending election campaign. We live in a crucial phase. It is necessary to overcome sterile contrasts, not to fall into exasperation and anxiety, promoting with continuity and coherence even minimal but sharable actions, which strengthen the dialogue between religions and the unity of men and women of good will ”.