Segre. Protestants solidarity: “Sad and scandalous”

Rome (NEV), November 16, 2019 – “The fact that a ninety-year-old person, escaped from the Auschwitz concentration camps, be forced in today’s Italy to circulate accompanied by two policemen in order to defend herself from the web threats, is sad and scandalous”. Thus stated Luca Maria Negro, president of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), learning that yesterday an escort was given to Senator Liliana Segre because of the threats she receives daily.
“Senator Segre has all the sympathy and the solidarity of Italian  Protestant  citizens. We are deeply grateful for her testimony and for the battle she is carrying out, which we feel to share”.
On the reactions of the political world, Negro also declared: “We find the words of those politicians who expressed their solidarity by combining the threats to the senator Segre with those received from any other Italian politician, completely inadmissible. It means either not knowing anything about the Holocaust and the suffering of Jewish communities in Europe, and of many other minorities, or deliberately ignoring the fact that anti-Semitism and intolerance are increasing across the continent”.

Also the Italian Protestant Women expressed their solidarity to Liliana Segre through the FDEI

(Federation of protestant Women in Italy), joining the unanimous chorus of voices in support of Liliana Segre and for a peaceful, welcoming and supportive society.