CELI helps the victims of the Ponte Morandi collapse

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Genoa financed a car for transporting needy people,  victims of the Ponte Morandi collapse, to the hospitals

Rome (NEV), November 23, 2019 – With the 8 per thousand of the Income tax funds of the Italian Lutheran Church (CELI), the Genoa community financed the purchase of a car equipped to transport ill and disabled people. The car was delivered, on November 15, to the Red Cross of Genoa to guarantee the inhabitants of the neighborhood of the Ponte Morandi to reach the city hospitals and clinics and undergo visits and treatments without too much inconvenience.
Many socially fragile, needy or elderly people, families who still have to deal, after 15 months from the disaster, with large and small difficulties, often still housed in emergency shelters, have great difficulty in reaching the part of the city beyond the bridge.
The Red Cross of Genoa will provide the necessary personnel to accompany the people using this service. The Red Cross will also take the responsibility of the agreements needed with the Health structures concerned. Once the bridge and roads will be restored, the agreement between CELI and the Red Cross foresees that the vehicle can also be used for other purposes. The car, a Dacia Sandero, bears the symbol of the Red Cross and the logo of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy.
Genoa is one of the 15 communities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (CELI). Founded in 1868 by merchants and representatives of various professions active around the German origins port, the Genoa community gave also birth through time to the German School and is co-founder of the International Evangelical Hospital of Genoa. In 1870 the Lutheran community of Sanremo was also established. Throughout Liguria, CELI has about 150 members, pastor Elisabeth Kruse takes care of the two communities. But above all the Genoa community in the last twenty years has attracted new members, young and of Italian origin, and is perfectly bilingual and well integrated into the social fabric of the city.