Communicate the commitment of Italian Baptists in Zimbabwe

The videos made by Domenico Bemportato, of the Audio-video Production Company, are ready after the journey of the delegation of Italian Baptists to Zimbabwe

Rome (NEV), February 7, 2020 – The informative videos that were made during the last November mission of the Baptist Christian Evangelical Union of Italy (UCEBI) delegation in Zimbabwe are ready and available to churches.
The Baptist church has been operating in the African country for many years and already implemented various projects to support initiatives related to the local Baptist church. The purpose of the trip was to assess the situation of the various projects and to inaugurate the Tabitha Tailoring which will be managed by widowed women and which will guarantee financial autonomy to their families.
In addition to pastor Anna Maffei, coordinator of the national project and to pastor Antonella Scuderi, member of the UCEBI Executive Committee, Domenico Bemportato, producer of the Audio-video Production Company (SPAV), also participated in the journey and made a long documentary on the reality of the country and the action of UCEBI. The material will be used to raise awareness in the churches and make the work of UCEBI known in depth.
The Tabitha Tailoring is located in a peripheral and disadvantaged district of the capital on a ground made available by the Emmanuel Baptist Church and was created thanks to the gifts of the churches, consistently by the Baptist Church of Cagliari.


The UCEBI supports the Sanyati hospital through incentives for some Zimbabwean medical doctors who provide assistance to patients. Without these incentives, hospitals would not be able to pay decent wages to doctors. The project also supports 17 nurses who work in 6 rural first-aid stations located in remote places. This project is very important because the nurses carry out disease prophylaxis and attend women giving birth.