Coronavirus, let’s not make it an excuse for anti-chinese sentiment

The solidarity of the Baptists, on the day when President Mattarella choose to visit a Roman school with a high percentage of pupils of Chinese origin. And the testimonies of two pastors, an Italian and a Chinese, who practice integration in Milan: Massimo Aprile and Michele Wong

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Rome (NEV), February 15, 2020 – The number of victims from the coronavirus epidemic in China has bypassed 1600. Outside mainland China, at least 230 cases have been confirmed, worldwide.
But what cannot be measured is the climate of fear and discrimination, more or less hidden, towards the Chinese community.
Precisely against the spread of these phenomena, the Baptist Christian Evangelical Union of Italy (UCEBI) expressed on February 6 last, “Solidarity and closeness to the Chinese Churches and to the Chinese community in Italy, as well as to the Chinese people”. “The Bible – reads a statement from UCEBI president Giovanni Paolo Arcidiacono – continually reminds us that welcome and solidarity towards foreigners are virtues to be cultivated and treasured”.
In Milan, meanwhile, the 64-year-old pastor Michele Wong, father of two children, has decided to suspend the community meetings which normally take place at the Baptist church in Milan, Via Pinamonte. “We decided to take a break because of the fear of transmission, especially for believers who, during this period, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, go or return from China”. Pastor Wong does not record any discriminatory episodes directed at his person, but says he has “heard that there were some compatriots looked at badly”. What is certain is that “as soon as possible, already next week, we want to start our activity as usual”.
From the church of via Pinamonte, the Baptist co-pastor , Massimo Aprile, wanted to launch a challenge via social media, with the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10, 25-37) and the episode in which Jesus heals the man with leprosy (Luke 5: 12-16).