Corona virus. From the interviews to three pastors in the times of contagion

Foto Dimitri Karastelev - Unsplash

Rome, (NEV), March 15, 2020 – We publish some passages contained in the interviews to three pastors by the NEV Agency at the time of the infection with Corona virus

Foto di Daniela Di Carlo

Pastora Daniela di Carlo, Waldensian community of Milan
“As my colleagues and I were preparing the last preaching of March 8, available on You tube, we examined two fairly common opposing attitudes, attitudes also implemented among church members.
On the one hand, some feel that humanity is in too great a sin and therefore they feel the epidemic as a punishment. Others think that nothing will happen to us, because God is on our side.
What I know is that surely, with God, we have tools to dominate fear, but we are also faced with the choice to take responsible actions to decrease the risk, knowing that God is at our side in the struggle, in the tension between being safe and being infected, between fear and tranquility, in short, keeping us in balance between all emotions. I would say to all parishioners that what happens it is not God’s fault, but also it is not true that, by believing in God, one is not subject to be infected, since this also depends on people’s ethical and political choices. We cannot place a responsibility on God that does not belong to him”.

Foto di Dario Monaco

Pastor Dario Monaco Baptist community of Mottola (Taranto)
“Where’s God? And where does he reveals himself, where can you find him? God is always in the interstices between things. Our God, who is the God of the whole, never reveals himself in the whole. In the Old Testament he says to anyone, even to his favorite prophet, “I’m sorry, but you can’t see me completely, put yourself in that hole, turn your back, close your eyes with your hands, scream, and what you will understand will be my message”. It is not an impetuous fire, but it is like a “noise of silence”. We find him when we stop, when we are afraid but we do not panic, when we breathe. Should we want to make a new-age choice, we could say ‘let’s take a deep breath, take our time, let’s not compulsively go and search for news on the Internet and on TV. Let’s pay attention to what we do, what we have to do, and everything will be fine’. God is above all in reconciliation and consolation, therefore God is also in illness, in intensive care, he is with all those people who are not making it or who are having trouble in making it”.

Il tempio valdese di Torino di Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 23 è situato nel quartiere di San Salvario

Pastora Maria Bonafede, Waldensian community of Turin
“Where is God in all this? Where he has always been. Close to the weakest, most fragile, most needy people. This is the news that we must continue to bring to the world because in the face of events such as those we are experiencing in these days, there is dismay. We have to say that in moments like these there is an even wider sense of his presence, life is scary but the Lord helps us. Illnesses exist and we are mortal beings, but our faith allows us to live a life full of meaning, a capacity to be supportive and aware”.