Corona virus. Italian evangelical hospitals reorganize themselves

The International Evangelical Hospital in Genoa and the Bethany Evangelical Hospital in Ponticelli (Na) reorganize their activities

Rome (NEV /, March 15,  2020 – On the on-line magazine Marta D’Auria tells how the evangelical hospitals of Genoa and Naples are being reorganized following the situation that has arisen for the Corona virus emergency .
“The International Evangelical Hospital of Genoa – said the general manager Dr. Alessio Parodi – being fully inserted in the Ligurian Health System, is contributing with all its means in the response to the ‘COVID-19’ emergency . In recent weeks this materialized in a willingness to accept patients who could not find access to other structures primarily involved in the hospitalization and care of the sick. From Friday March 6, following a resolution by the Liguria Region, the picture has completely changed. In fact, it became necessary to quickly find 250 beds to be dedicated exclusively to patients who could be infected with the Corona virus in coming weeks. In this context, the Evangelical Hospital was asked for the extremely significant contribution of reserving 50 beds at the Voltri District for infectious patients of medium complexity, plus 8 intensive care places. The wards from which patients could be transferred without damaging their health care program began to be freed, the ordinary Emergency Room activity was suspended and in a few days  the Voltri District was almost entirely dedicated to welcoming and treating people who have entered in contact with the virus. In addition, for the  Castelletto District in the center of Genoa, the Liguria Region asked for the maintenance and implementation of hospitalization and outpatient  activities relating to cases of low and medium complexity, to make up for other structures more massively dedicated to containment and treatment of COVID-19 infection”.
Maximum commitment also from the Evangelical hospital operating in the Neapolitan area of Ponticelli. “The Evangelical Betania Hospital as a classified structure equivalent to a public one – reported the general manager, Luciano Cirica – promptly responded to the needs expressed by the Campania Region in the fight against Corona virus and we have therefore been included in the Regional Census of the structures (public, religious and private) available to welcome patients in case of regional emergency, even in our Intensive Care Department. In this sense, we have activated a permanent crisis unit, coordinated by the Health Director, which represents a sort of internal control room. In addition to protecting  sick persons, we are also committed to protecting our employees as much as possible. We have launched a widespread information campaign within the hospital, regarding preventive measures and the use of individual protective means. We are working, in line with regional indications, to create a tent structure  that can accommodate pre-triage activities, in order to reduce/eliminate risk access in the emergency room, and in any case we are reorganizing the spaces of ER, in order to make them even more functional to adequate insulation paths. We have decided to temporarily reduce external services (outpatient and diagnostics), as well as relatives access in order to limit the crowding of people in the hospital premises as much as possible”.