Corona virus. Baptists allocate one-quarter of the Eight per thousand 2020 funds

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Rome (NEV), March 29, 2020 – A new allocation to help the population during and after the COVID-19 pandemic from the Protestant world. After the Waldensian Board’s decision to donate 8 million Euro, the churches of the Christian Evangelical Baptist Union of Italy (UCEBI)  announced on March 24, their intention to allocate one-quarter of the Eight per thousand 2020 funds for health protection activities.
In addition, the Baptists declared, “considering that the ongoing health emergency requires urgent and immediate interventions, the Baptist Union is studying measures aimed at relying on the inventories and returns of its  Eight per thousand 2019 funds”.

Since 2008 the General Assembly of the Baptist Christian Evangelical Union of Italy has benefited, “only for humanitarian, social and cultural purposes”, from the opportunities offered by the law 222/85 through the 8 × 1000 of the Income Revenue Tax. The UCEBI, can be read on the Church website, “continues to use 100% of the funds received with extreme rigor every year, allocating them – up to the last cent – exclusively to social, welfare, humanitarian and cultural interventions, in Italy and abroad”.