Isolated with a violent man, the Corona virus did not stop the violence

The Federation of Evangelical Women in Italy  launches a call to churches to commit themselves to the protection of women who suffer violence and are forced to "stay home" for the health emergency

Immagine tratta dal sito ufficiale del numero di emergenza 1522

Rome (NEV),  March 29, 2020 – The Federation of Protestant Women in Italy (FDEI) appeals to communities and churches to protect women victims of violence, especially in this time when the Corona virus and the ordinances to combat it have imposed to “Stay home” even to those whose home is not a refuge, but a dangerous place. This was announced on March 29 by the FDEI president, pastor Gabriela Lio.
The FDEI asks all the churches to have a careful look at the women of their areas; to let them know that places where they can ask for help continue to be active; that the closeness and the prayer of their fellow believers is even more increased.
The anti-violence centers have reconverted some of their services for women, aware that in times of crisis, the violent dynamics intensify.
Locally, the centers have activated 24-hour availability for listening and support, and have opened chat channels to allow women to communicate with them.
The 1522, a free multilingual national telephone number, also from  mobile phones, guarantees listening and assistance throughout the territory. Also available the  emergency number 112.

The inter-religious Observatory on Violence Against Women, born a year ago with a Memorandum of Understanding, has also issued a statement to that effect. Among other things, the release extends the invitation to everyone: “If you hear strange noises, call the police. Women who are victims of violence cannot do it”.

The Observatory includes 22 women of different religious traditions (Protestant Christians – Lutheran, Methodist, Waldensian, Baptist, Adventist, Pentecostal -, Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist). The Inter-religious Observatory  has among its purposes the promotion of cultural initiatives, awareness and vigilance on the issue of violence against women.