#StopWeaponEgypt: “The Parliament must urgently decide”

The Italian government authorizes the sale of two military frigates to Egypt: in the absence of a parliamentary passage (as required by law) legal actions could take place. GLAM supports the #StopWeaponEgypt campaign

Campagna #StopArmiEgitto

Rome (NEV), June 19 – According to reports from various press organs, the Council of Ministers, with no dissenting voice, would have decided to give a mandate to the Unit for the authorizations of armament materials (UAMA) to proceed with the signature of the license to sell two military frigates to Egypt.
Amnesty International Italia, the Peace Network and the Italian Disarmament Network, which also includes the Globalization and Environment Commission (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), have taken a stand against this decision.
The organizations ask that the parliamentary passage of this decision be carried out as soon as possible, and appeal to the political forces and to all the deputies and senators to request it forcefully, pursuing positions in accordance with article 11 of the Constitution and within the terms of law 185 / 90.
“The government still has time to proceed according to the path dictated by the law and above all still it has the opportunity to stop a sale of armaments that would support a regime responsible for serious violations of human rights and currently involved both in the conflict in Libya and in   Yemen”. The  organizations’ hope is that “a transparent debate will be opened as soon as possible in parliament on the matter, also in order not to be forced to foresee any legal action if the authorization is issued without this fundamental procedural step”, concludes the text.
GLAM, as part of the Italian Disarmament Network, adheres to the #StopWeaponEgypt campaign: “We join the campaign and call for a major reconversion of the military industry in the direction of  civilian purposes. As we have already said several times, it is necessary to shift funds from military budgets towards other objectives, such as the fight against COVID-19 and the remedy for other social, health and environmental crises”.
GLAM underlines how “this campaign can represent a useful tool of pressure for a greater and more incisive diplomatic action compared to the situation of the two researchers Giulio Regeni and Patrick Zaki, a situation that reveals how much human rights are trampled on in Egypt”.