The Evangelical Bethany Hospital in the ‘La Republica’ book on COVID-19 in Naples

It is titled "COVID. The hundred days of Naples" the volume published by the Neapolitan edition of the newspaper and by the publisher Guida. Among the contributions, those of Cordelia Vitiello, president of the Bethany Foundation,  and of the director of the hospital Luciano Cirica

Rome (NEV),  July 12, 2020 – In the book “COVID. The hundred days of Naples” published by  ‘La Repubblica’, in collaboration with the publisher Guida, and edited by the Neapolitan editorial staff of the newspaper, there is also the testimony of Cordelia Vitiello, president of the Evangelical Bethany Foundation and of the Evangelical Hospital, as well as vice president of the Lutheran Church in Italy (CELI) and member of the Council of the Lutheran World Federation (FLM).
“The volume tells the stories of the victims and of the healed people, the response of the hospitals, the economic and political crisis and the proposals to relaunch tourism, transport, production activities, the explosion of the web and the distance teaching in schools and universities – can be read on the Bethany Hospital website -. The book, distributed free of charge with the newspaper, has become an important document on the COVID-19 emergency”.
In addition to Vitiello’s testimony, who was healed by CORONAVIRUS, on the volume (but also on the hospital website), there is the contribution of the general manager Luciano Cirica, who says, among other things: “In the most critical phase we have made available an entire floor of our hospital and a specific area of ​​isolation, without creating risks for the operators. For the actual re-start phase, I outline 4 new scenarios for the health system: the first on the State-Regions relationship, the second on the organization and the internal – external post COVID relationship, the third on the digital transformation, and the fourth on the investment in operators’ training”.