Appeal to the Prime Minister Conte for a total revision of the Italy-Libya agreements

The Action of Christians for the Abolition of Torture in Italy, together with all the European groups, issued its "Urgent Call" for the month of September, having as subject the Italy-Libya Memorandum. President Giuseppe Conte is asked for "a radical revision of the agreements" to fully guarantee human rights respect

Rome (NEV),  September 19, 2020 – The Action of Christians for the Abolition of Torture in Italy (ACAT) issued its “Urgent Call” on  September 11th.  The subject of this month’s appeal is the Italy-Libya Memorandum. With this Call, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is asked to “carry out a radical revision of the agreements between Italy and Libya, so as to be able to fully guarantee respect for the migrants human rights”.
“In recent days – writes ACAT – the UN  updated its official position on Libya, stating, without leaving room for further doubts, that Libya is not a safe harbor for migrants and for this reason Italy and the EU must stop reject them in that Country”.
“Together with all the European ACATs – the document continues – we ask the Italian Government to take a step back and, above all, to ensure that Italy returns to being consistent with the international commitments and conventions signed on the subject, which foresee the absolute prohibition of torture and  the  respect of fundamental human rights”.

This is a joint action of all the ACATs, which are inviting supporters from all over Europe to send this appeal letter to President Conte.  Among the requests,  also that of “promoting at European level the restoration of effective rescue operations at sea and the opening of safe humanitarian corridors”, as well as “the creation of a reception system that aims at true integration, so to allow refugees and migrants to escape the hands of human traffickers and avoid putting their lives at risk by crossing the Mediterranean”.