Lutherans. Genoa: a port in the port

Rome (NEV),  December 12, 2020 – On the website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (CELI), the video on the evangelical maritime mission.

“They haven’t seen their house for months. The sea and the transoceanic cargo giants are their second homeland – reads the CELI website -. In Genoa, the Evangelical Maritime Mission is an address with its doors always open for sailors. Regardless of origin or religious affiliation. One of the oldest initiatives supported with the 8xthousand funds of the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Italy. A warm club house. A support for any inconvenience: supply of toothpaste, medicine or books, bureaucratic assistance, free Internet, always an open ear and also pastoral care and spiritual support. Barbara Panzlau grew up with the sailors of the Maritime Mission, headed, at the time, by her father. Today and for the past 17 years, she has been in charge of the Genoa evangelical Maritime Mission. She returned from Germany to her Genoa. To the sea. Because without the sea she cannot imagine living”.