Campobasso. An inter-religious desk for social reconstruction

Un dettaglio della copertina della pubblicazione sui luoghi di incontro e di preghiera a Roma e Provincia curata da Caritas-Migrantes

Rome (NEV),  December 20, 2020 – Christians of different confessions (Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox), Muslims and representatives of the Italian Buddhist Institute Soka Gakkai have created an interreligious desk in Campobasso. This was announced in a press release issued on December 11,  by the promoters, highlighting a common word for dealing with post-Covid-19: “TOGETHER”.

The faith communities present in Campobasso “decided to meet in a permanent desk of discussion to support and publicly testify that a new form of community is possible and necessary”, reads the note. “This is the time of the necessary masking of faces and of mutual safety distancing, it is the time of fear of being too close, it is the time of social exclusions, it is the time of closures and communication without the body, of almost exclusively telematics communication. At this time we want to affirm TOGETHER, in our mutual specificities, that this is also the time to prepare for the future”, continue the religious representatives.

The Interreligious Desk intends to collaborate in creating a sense of community and citizenship: “The religious faiths we represent in Campobasso will not shirk the responsibility of social reconstruction” they write too, underlining their willingness and commitment to intervene against racism, exclusion, violence, fear and ignorance.