“Anti-Covid vaccines: a responsible choice”

The Bioethics Commission of the Italian Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches prepared a document on the management of the pandemic: "Ethics requires the implementation of behaviors aimed at safeguarding one's health and that of the community, especially of the most fragile ones".

foto di Hakan Nural, unsplash.com

Rome (NEV), January 17, 2021 – “We take care of ourselves by taking care of the community”. This is one of the nodes in the document entitled “Anti-Covid vaccines: a responsible choice”, drawn up by the Bioethics Commission of the Italian Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches . At the center is the management of the pandemic and above all of the current phase, linked to the vaccine. The relationship between the single person and society, for the Protestant churches, “can be studied with scientific methods, but it carries within itself a force of meaning that goes beyond the factual observation acquiring ethical and, for churches, theological value. The fraternal bond deriving from being creatures of a single Creator supports the sense of responsibility for the other that is basic in a Christian perspective”. Churches therefore retrace the various health and scientific steps, revealing the ethical questions that have arisen and that continue to pervade the issues of health and the health emergency of Covid-19.

The 11 pages of the text of the BMV Bioethics Commission (the long path of collaboration and communion between Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches is usually called “BMV”, ed) date last December 3, 2020 and follow that of 2018 “Vaccination: a responsible and caring choice ”, in which the theme of distrust of science, the faith-science relationship and social responsibility was examined.