Listening to Edith Bruck. Remembering to “discourage hatred”

Rome (NEV), February 8, 2021.  Holocaust Remembrance Day – The Federation of Protestant Women in Italy (FDEI) and the Interfaith Observatory on Violence Against Women (OIVD) organized on January 28, the online meeting “Listening to Edith Bruck. Remembering to discourage hatred “. The writer, one of the witness of the Shoah, offered her testimony with a particular look at the women experience. The event was introduced by Paola Cavallari, OIVD president, and included  the greetings of the FDEI president, pastor Gabriela Lio.

“We must continue to repeat ‘Never again’, ‘Nunca más’ (like the report of the Comisión Nacional sobre la Desaparición de Personas in Argentina) – declared Gabriela Lio -. Memory concerns everyone. History repeats itself over and over, so remembering is imperative. We need to take up the concepts of forgiveness and awareness. We need to continue collecting the pain of the victims, to keep remembering even when the survivors will no longer be there. The Jewish concept that without true repentance there can be no forgiveness, is a constant call to remembrance and to the present time”.