Rome. The Salvation Army in aid of vulnerable families

Associations distributed “solidarity packages” to 8,600 families. Following the Covid-19 pandemic the effort to help people in need has multiplied. The amount allocated by the Lazio Region for "shopping vouchers" is 5 million euros: the associations are asking to extend the access requirements to migrants, students and 'non-resident' citizens

Foto Forum Terzo Settore del Lazio

Rome (NEV), April 2, 2021 – “In normal times, the condition of many families is complicated. After a year of Covid-19, the situation is even more complex”, Lieutenant Colonel of the Salvation Army in Italy (EdS), Jaques Donzé, declared in the aftermath of the new initiative for fragile, vulnerable, poor families. “This is why we are particularly grateful to have been able to participate, with various partners, in the effort to distribute solidarity packages for many Roman families. It is a privilege for us of the Salvation Army, to be able to collaborate with associations and realities that deal with the weakest. – continued Donzé – We, as always, have made ourselves available with all our strength in favor of the most fragile. And we thank every person who collaborated so that all this became possible”. Over 8,600 families received the solidarity packages.

But the  associations belonging to the Third sector Forum of the Latium Region, ask the Administration to reconsider the measures for accessing shopping vouchers, including those who are temporary living in Rome, such migrants, students and non-resident citizens. 

“An emergency measure cannot exclude those who find themselves in a serious situation of social and economic marginalization”, the motivation of the request.  The allocation of the Lazio Region for “shopping vouchers” amounts to 5 million euros. The associations denounce the complexity of obtaining the identity records registration in Rome and  therefore ask to include among potential beneficiaries also “those who most need support for survival and the purchase of basic necessities, that is, a part of the migrant population, students and  citizens ‘away from home’ living in Rome. It is a duty not to leave anyone behind, especially in this time of pandemic”, they conclude.

The Lazio Third Sector Forum includes about 30 networks and 300,000 members. It operates in all areas (social, cultural, environmental, welfare, internal and international solidarity), involving over one million citizens of the Lazio region.