Ecumenical declaration for the Time of Creation 2018

In Assisi, Christians of every confession joined in asking for ecological justice

Al microfono Maria Elena Lacquaniti - Foto di Maria Consuelo Alvarado

Rome (NEV), September 7, 2018 – “Rather than honoring our role as guardians of God’s garden, we have monetized life and tried to profit from it, with the consequent destruction of life for all. Excessive production, consumption, extraction and greed have contributed to levels of inequality. We have destroyed our lives and have voluntarily denied our Lord’s desire for fullness of life for all (John 10:10)”.
With these words, Christians of different confessions signed on September 1st last,  the Joint Declaration for the Time of Creation, read during the First meeting of ecumenical prayer for Creation, in Assisi (31 August – 1 September).

The meeting was also attended by the Globalization and Environment Commission (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), represented by Maria Elena Lacquaniti. In her meditation of August 31, Lacquaniti said, in line with what was stated in the Joint Declaration; “We consume too much and, to allow ourselves this rhythm, we submit every species to our liking, exercising an unhealthy freedom, which sees in dominion, and not in service, the true emancipation”.