Kairos wins the Tertio Millenium 2018 award

At the cinema Trevi (Rome) the awarding of the prize to the director Paul Barakat. Special mention to Mother fortress by Maria Luisa Forenza

Rome (NEV), December 21, 2018 – The XXII edition of the Tertio Millenium film fest, took place in Rome from 11 to 15 December 2018, at the Cinema Trevi. The festival, organized by the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo (FEdS), represents an occasion for interreligious and intercultural dialogue between the Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish and Islamic communities. “There were 9 films competing, coming from very distant places one from the other. They dealt with burning and often very divisive issues: war, religious fundamentalism, family, migrants and refugees reception, dialogue. These are themes on which the festival has, instead, wanted to promote a dialogue to convey an important message: cinema brings us closer one to the other”, says the final statement of the initiative.

The interreligious jury  – chaired by Claudia Di Giovanni, head of the Filmoteca Vaticana; Zanolo Yahya Abd al-Ahad, delegate of the Italian Islamic religious community (COREIS); Sira Fatucci, delegate of “Il Pitigliani” (Italian Jewish Center); Ben Mohamed Ali, delegate of the Union of the Islamic communities of Italy (UCOII); Pavel Zelinsky, delegate of the Russian Orthodox Church; Filippo Riva, delegate of the Department for the communication of the Holy See; Elena Ribet, delegate of the Protestant cinema association “Roberto Sbaffi”- selected  the winner of the Tertio Millennio Prize. The award ceremony took place on Saturday 15 December at 5.30 pm at the Trevi Cinema.

“Kairos”, by Paul Barakat, is the winner of the XXII edition of the Tertio Millennio Film Fest, festival of interreligious dialogue, that this year had as its theme “The days of the revolt. War, revolution and redemption”.
The documentary “Mother Fortress”, by Maria Luisa Forenza, received a special mention.