#MFR19 Breakfast time. It’s time to break the indifference 

Within the initiatives of the month of photography, the Methodist Church of Rome in via XX Settembre hosts the Luciano Lattanzi exhibition on the ‘solidarity breakfast’ experience for the homeless

Foto di Luciano Lattanzi

Rome (NEV), March 16,  2019‘Breakfast time. It’s time to break the indifference’.  This is the title of the images exhibition of Luciano Lattanzi, hosted by the Methodist church of Rome within the initiatives of the Month of photography, Rome (MFR). The initiative includes exhibitions, workshops, meetings with the authors, events, photos’ café scattered through the city of Rome.

Luciano Lattanzi is a member of the Methodist church of Rome and of the volunteers’ group ‘Breakfast Time’ which, since the beginning of 2018, distributes breakfasts to homeless people on Sunday mornings.

Lattanzi, created a photographic journey of values ​​around the words “humanity, stopping, recognizing ourselves, diversity, relationships, meeting, listening, silence, togetherness, witness, fear, solidarity, trust, exclusion, empathy and awareness”. An itinerary of about 4 km in which the volunteers relate to around 50 men and women who have made their home on the road..
In the words that accompany the images we observe the path of transformation from the fear of the relationship with the unknown ‘other’, the fear of the fatigue and of the commitment, to the awareness that, although we cannot solve all the problems of the world, we can do something to establish a healing relationship.

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 16.00 to 20.00 for the whole month of March 2019, at the Methodist church of Rome in via XX Settembre 122 c.