The families of the “Evangelical park” of Ponticelli (Naples) started moving

In the area, named after the Calvinist reformer Galeazzo Caracciolo, the Social center “Casa Mia-Emilio Nitti” has been active for many years offering free services to hundreds of people

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Rome (NEV), December 13, 2019 – The transfer of the families of Ponticelli (Naples) from the “Evangelical Park” named after the Calvinist reformer Galeazzo Caracciolo, to the new houses on Via dell’Odissea began. Parco Galeazzo is a complex of prefabricated houses donated by the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI) in 1983 to the Municipality of Naples, following the earthquake of 1980, as a response to the post-earthquake housing emergency.
Families are moving into 32 new public housing edifices, built in the last 12 years, about a kilometer from the area. The 60 temporary houses of the “Evangelical Park”, now obsolete, should be torn down to make room for green areas and other social housing, according to a public plan, a plan that at the moment is not approved nor funded. The Homes Office looked for housing solutions for eligible families, but there are still people without a house.

In the area of ​​the Evangelical Park Galeazzo Caracciolo, has been active for many years the “Casa Mia-Emilio Nitti” Social Center, one of the initiatives of the Methodist Protestant Churches in Italy (OPCEMI). The Center offers free services to hundreds of people in the neighborhood and beyond, including educational, social and cultural assistance, a counseling service, activities for disabled people. In particular, every day it hosts around 50 children, offering workshops, recreational, sports and cooking activities. The center has an ecumenical outlook and collaborates with various Catholic associations, parishes and oratories. Through a protocol with the University Federico II the center involves trainees in psychology and educational sciences; it collaborates with the Minors Court and the association Itaca for the reintegration of young people with light crimes.
“Casa Mia-Emilo Nitti” cooperates with the Protestant Foundation Villa Betania (evangelical hospital), making available spaces for birth courses with midwives, psychologists and child’s doctors.