Synod. Environment, human rights, fight against mafias and feminicide, culture, Catholic religion teaching

Foto di Pietro Romeo/Riforma

Torre Pellice (Turin), August 31, 2018 – August 31 was the last day of work for the Synod of the Methodist and Waldensian churches in Torre Pellice (Turin). Many the issues dealt with, among which, refugees and migrants reception, ecumenical dialogue, end of life. In the last two days, the Synod has given directions to churches and communities on some further topics, and in particular on the protection of the environment, on human rights, on the fight against mafias and against feminicide, on the social and cultural commitment.
Finally, among the numerous acts, the Synod gave also a mandate to the Waldensian Board and to the permanent committee of the Methodist Evangelical Churches’ Work in Italy (OPCEMI), to take initiatives for the revocation of the 62/2017 law decree which introduces the teachers of Catholic Religion (IRC), in the commissions for the third year’s examination of the secondary school, “Yet another vulnus inflicted to the secular and plural character of the public school”.