Baptists, Methodists and Waldensians prepare for the 2022 Assembly / Synod

Rome (NEV), April 11, 2021 – The online meeting entitled “This land was created for you and me. Perspectives for the Baptist-Methodist-Waldensian territorial collaboration (BMV)”, was held on Saturday  April 10. It was one of the preparatory webinars, in view of the joint session to be held in 2022 of the Assembly / Synod of Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches.

Three thematic areas were identified to work on during this year. As first, the theme “Being Church Together and Interculture”. Hence, the theme “What training in view of which Church”. Thirdly, “Territorial collaborations”,  main topic of this webinar. All these three issues will be  resumed in the assembly next year.

Barbara Marchione, Alessandro Spanu, Susanna Chiarenzi and Carla Sueri took part in the appointment of April 10.