Naples. Scholarship for under 35, in memory of Sergio Nitti

Rome (NEV), April 11, 2021 – The Bethany Evangelical Foundation has set up a scholarship for  a total value of 10,000 euros, aimed at young researchers committed to solidarity and scientific research. It will have a duration of 12 months and it is reserved for young people under the age of 35. The scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Sergio Nitti, president of the Foundation for 30 years, who passed away in 2020. The planned activities are: the support and coordination of the research activities of the Scientific Committee; the support in the collection and processing of data for the activities of the solidarity medicine clinics active at the Bethany Evangelical Hospital and finally the support in the preparation of databases in the context of scientific and solidarity activities.

The selection for the assignment of the scholarship is based on qualifications, curriculum vitae and interview. For more information

The Betania Evangelical Hospital was opened in October 1968 by Dr. Teofilo Santi in Ponticelli, in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Naples. Over the years the hospital has represented a point of reference offering medical, human and spiritual assistance to the most marginalized people.