Young Protestants in Congress. The new council

From December 6 to 9, the XXI congress of the Evangelical Youth Federation in Italy was held at Ecumene. A Moment of planning and renewal of positions

Il nuovo Consiglio FGEI

Rome (NEV /, December 11, 2018 – From the 6th to the 9th of December the XXI Congress of the Evangelical Youth Federation in Italy (FGEI) took place in Ecumene, Velletri (RM). Three days of work and confrontation between girls and boys coming from churches of the whole Country. At the centre of the meeting was the assessment of the work carried out over the last 30 months, the definition of priorities for the period to come and the election of social positions.
The elected councilors are: Debora Troiani, Gabriele Bertin, Annapaola Carbonatto, Lucia Casaburo, Simone De Giuseppe, Rebeca Malla, Pietro Quadalti. Among them will be chosen the responsible people of various offices, including that of Secretary, a position held over the past two and a half years by Francesca Litigio.
A council in large part renewed, among whose tasks there will be, in 2019, the celebration of an important event: ​​the 50th anniversary of the Youth Federation, founded in April 1969 by the fusion of the Federation of Waldensian Unions, the Methodist Evangelical Youth and the Youth Baptist Movement.