New government, warning of the Waldensian Diaconate: rights are at the center of the political agenda

"First the last": the Waldensian Diaconate, the body that coordinates the social activity of the Waldensian Church, asks the new government for a concrete commitment to reduce inequalities and protect the weakest

Rome (NEV), September 7, 2019 – Attention to rights and commitment in reducing inequalities. These are the requests of the Waldensian Diaconate, to the new government to place human rights at the center of its political agenda.

“In view of the formation of the new government – reads the text spread on September 2 -, the Waldensian Diaconate, a small but significant reality of the Third Sector, engaged with the elderly, the minors, the disabled, poverty and, in recent years, strongly involved on the issues of migration, believes that the issues of reducing inequalities and protecting rights must be part of the Government agenda”.

For these reasons, the Waldensian Diaconate “hopes that the Government will be involved in this sector with specific competences and political capacities, with the aim of effectively completing the reform of the Third Sector, of the certainty of the resources available (five per thousand and civil service), the repeal of the Security decrees and the conclusion of the period of aggression towards the NGOs and the organizations that have set themselves to protect the rights of the people”.

Finally, the Diaconate wanted to remind an evangelical call – the “famous” “Thus the last will be first, and the first last”, from the Gospel of Matthew 20:16 – also quoted by the new moderator of the Waldensian Board, Alessandra Trotta at the Synod of the Methodist and Waldensians churches: “Our doing and our saying remain under the evangelical call of     “first the last” and we will always be committed, as far as we shall be able able, for a more just and fair Country”.