A multireligious hall inaugurated at the Livorno Hospital in Tuscany

Foto tratte dal sito USL Toscana nord-ovest

Rome (NEV), September 21, 2019 – The new multi-religious room of the Livorno hospital was inaugurated on September 11: a place of about 16 square meters, with some chairs and no religious symbols, available for patients, families, friends, volunteers and employees. A space for prayer, meditation, reflection or silence, open to believers of all faiths, and also to non believers.

“The proposal came from the Municipality of Livorno and was welcomed by the Tavolo delle Religioni (Religious Board), which gathers many of the city’s religious organizations since 2006. The Board is very active in the area and has carried out many initiatives through the years – explained the Waldensian pastor Daniele Bouchard, who was present at the inauguration -. In the hall sacred texts of the different religions will be available. Livorno has a long multi-religious tradition based on dialogue and tolerance, founded on a logic of encounter and not of confrontation. I find it significant that even the Catholic Church, despite having its chapel, has participated in this project on an equal footing”.

“The opening of the new hall is the result of the commitment shared by the Azienda USL (Local Health Unit) of North West Tuscany, the Municipality of Livorno and the Tavolo delle Religioni; a project born as part of the celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the proclamation of Livorno as a  City – reads the Azienda USL website -, with the aim of contributing to a greater knowledge of the religious realities present in town and to a better collaboration between local authorities and faith communities”.

We recall, among others, the participation of Simone Lenzi, Councilor for Culture of the Livorno Municipality, Francesco Belais, former Councilor for Culture, Thomas Hagen for the Baptist Church, Sara Heinrich Balestri for the Waldensian Church.

The Tavolo delle Religioni includes the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Livorno, the Baptist, Waldensian, Catholic, Pentecostal,  Adventist Churches, the Greek Orthodox Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos, the Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Moscow, the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Jewish community, the Italian Buddhist Institute Soka Gakkai, the Islamic Institute, the Krishna consciousness movement (Iskon), the Italian Buddhist Union , the Italian Hindu Union Sanatana Dharma Samgha.

The multi-religious hall is located on the ground floor of the Municipality Administration building with access from the internal corridor, and will be open everyday from 7 to 20.