8th of March. Re-imagine and re-read the history of women in the church

The Federation of Protestant Women in Italy together with the daily paper Riforma proposes a round table for March 8

Hannah Busing, unsplash

Rome (NEV), March 6, 2021 – A different March 8 is possible. The proposal comes from the Federation of Protestant Women in Italy (FDEI), a round table on how to “Re-imagine and Re-read the history of women in the church”. The initiative is based on the report edited by the Department of Theology of the Baptist Evangelical Christian Union of Italy (UCEBI) “on a topic in the agenda of the debate on the full and effective participation of women in the decision-making process in public life and therefore in the church, which goes on with the elimination of violence”, write the promoters. What to celebrate, then? “An important date – explain the organizers – to remember that gender inequality is still a reality all over the world and that, although there have been many results, many injustices remain to be overcome”. The objective of the round table will therefore be to “Confront ourselves on the secular discrimination of women in the church”, which “highlights the transformation of the identity and the practice of the churches. A very topical issue in the ecumenical and interreligious debate, at least in the women’s one”. To the debate, after the greeting of the FDEI president Gabriela Lio, will participate Cristina Arcidiacono, Baptist pastor, Letizia Tomassone, Waldensian pastor and  theologian, theologian Serena Noceti, anthropologist Susanna Giovannini. The journalist Sara Tourn will moderate the meeting. Part of the discussion will focus on the dossier edited by Silvia Rapisarda and Cristina Arcidiacono, two years ago, on the occasion of the International Baptist Theological Conference in the Bahamas.

The event will take place online, on Zoomworship, Monday 8 March 2021 from 6 to 7 pm. The meeting  will also be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the daily paper Riforma-Eco delle Valli Waldesi