Sea Watch – FCEI and Waldensian Diaconia: “Migrants still in Malta, we are willing to welcome them”

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Rome, February 11 – 2019 – (NEV CS/13) – “Over a month ago, on January 11, migrants picked up at sea by the ship Sea Watch were allowed to disembark – the FCEI (Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy) and the Waldensian Diaconia say – by common agreement with some European states to accommodate  a part of those migrants. On that occasion, the Italian government adopted the willingness of the FCEI and the Waldensian Diaconia to welcome these people. Today, as we know that the migrants are all still staying in a centre in Malta, near La Valletta, we reaffirm our willingness to maintain our commitment to the migrants but also to all those who have encouraged us in this direction. We are also willing to go to Malta to give our support to perform all the required formalities for the transfer to Italy, but we need to be able to provide the people involved with visas and permits that only the Italian authorities can grant”.